5 street foods to experience in Thailand

Khao neeo mamuang

If you have ever set foot in Thailand, sure you will know the famous street food – Khao neeo mamuang (Thai sweet sticky rice with mango). For Thai, this dish is like a dessert after the main meal.

Khao neeo mamuang consists of sticky rice, coconut milk, sugar, salt, sesame and ripe mango. Trying this dish, we will see the unique blend between soft flavor of sticky rice and the sweetness of coconut milk and ripe mango, leaving those who once enjoyed an unforgettable taste.

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Thai shrimp and quid salad

A plate of Thai shrimp and quid salad is the coordination between several colors: white of squid, red of shrimp and green of of celery, cucumber… When you enjoy, you will feel a little spicy, slightly sour but not so harsh taste, added a bit of rich flavor that make you want to eat more and more without getting bored.

The ingredients are also very simple, easy to find: just cucumber, onion, carrot, celery, laksa leaves, fresh peppers, peanuts and seafood including fresh squid and shrimp. With a little more spices, you can enjoy the extremely popular street food of Thailand.

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Fruit cocktail

As a representative of Thai cuisine, the country has four seasons of fruits, Thai fruit cocktail is a blended mixture of many ingredients together, making the dish gain majority sentiment of many tourists.

Ingredients of fruit cocktail are very diverse with fruits such as jackfruit, chestnut, longan, durian, coconut water… and the most special is pomegranate. These ingredients make the dish have unique colors and diverse types of taste.

Pad Thai

Speaking of Thai cuisine is speaking of sour, spicy, salty, sweet  taste. It is the combination of many flavors together making a very particular characteristic of Thai cuisine. This combination is most clearly expressed in pad Thai.

Pad Thai is simply noodle sauteed with egg and seasoning such as dried shrimps, peanuts, sprouts, chives with tamarind sauce. Simple ingredients, but once mixed up, blended together, they will bring us such exquisite dish.

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