Who should not drink tea?

Tea is known for a lot of health benefits. It has very few side effects in adults, however, there are some special circumstances that tea can be harmful for:

Those lack iron

Hot concentrated tea contains tannin, which can combine with iron forming insoluble compounds, so that iron is not supplied enough for the body.

So that the elderly, people with anemia, women during menstruation and premenopausal period should limit drinking green tea.

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Pregnant women and nursing mothers

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use tea to avoid affecting the fetus and milk secretion. Caffeine increases heart rate of pregnant women, increases the burden on kidneys and heart.

In addition, green tea contains tannin and fluoride, which cause anemia. For pregnant women, it is extremely dangerous because the fetus will not be provided adequate nutrients.

Those with liver disease, kidney stones, urinary tract stones

Tea caffeine and tannic participate in the metabolism of the liver, making liver function impaired. Tea also increases kidney stones in both size and number, since oxalic acid when combining with calcium forming precipitate in the urinary tract and can not escape.

The elderly and small children

Drinking tea will cause difficulty sleeping and stress due to caffeine in tea, so it’s not for the elderly. Tea is also not suitable for small children and it can prevent absorption and metabolism of the digestive system, caused by precipitation reaction between acid in tea and some nutrients in the body.

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Those with stomachache

Those with stomachache should not drink tea because it will augment the pain. Especially with empty stomach, tea also causes stomach ulcers and harms spleen.

Those with constipation

Constipation patients should not use tea because caffeine in tea will make stomach secretion decrease, slow down peristalsis causing constipation becomes worse.

Those with neurasthenia

Caffeine causes nervous excitement, so those with neurasthenia or insomnia should not drink green tea.


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