The unexpected effect of Lemon juice

Boost the immune system

Lemon abundant vitamin C, substances absolutely necessary for our immune system. Vitamin C also helps reduce stress effectively, so health experts always recommend you add them to the days of stress, fatigue.

Supply of potassium


As mentioned above, lemons contain more potassium than many other fruits, help increase heart health, brain, especially good for nerve cells.

Improve digestion

Lemon juice helps enhance digestion, reduce toxins in the food you eat and limit the indigestion, such as heartburn.

Detoxify the body

Lemon can purify your body, eliminate toxins, strengthen the function of the enzyme, which helps your kidneys healthy every day.

Oral cleaning


Maybe you do not believe, but lemonade is your favorite drink of the dentist, because they can reduce toothache and gingivitis. You can drink lemonade before or after brushing are.

Good for the skin

Antioxidants in the lemon helps reduce dark circles, spots on the skin, improving wrinkles. Lemon drink regularly even help you reduce scars, skin rejuvenation, because it helps detoxify the blood, keep your skin toned and radiant.

Effective weight loss

Lemon contains pectin, which helps you fight the urge to eat and thus actively contributing to your weight loss battle.


Acidity in your body is too high is the cause of disease, lemon juice helps rebalance, uric acid levels in your joints.


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