The effect of artichokes flowers with flu, cold of children

1. The use of artichokes

According to some studies, artichokes seed oil has anti-fungal red and skin diseases. Vitamins and unsaturated fat in it also works well for elderly people and people who are dieting.

Red artichokes contain some antimicrobial substances, so it is used as a folk remedy for cough herbal, pharyngitis by obtaining proof radio red artichokes and rock sugar, honey water several times /right. Use red flowers regularly atio is also a way to prevent cough and colds.


2. Guide soaking red artichokes with honey


– 2kg red artichokes (bup vinegar)
– 1.75 kg sugar candy (just 1kg 800gr sugar flowers are needed).

– 1 liter of pure honey

– 1 glass jar with a lid compression (buy dedicated to soak in supermarkets have sold)


Step 1: flowers you buy the separate red artichokes seeded inside, washed, dried and drain. Note seeds can soak artichokes very mellow drinking alcohol and health benefits. Glass jars washed and dried in a dry, may need a towel soaked in clean water inside the bottle.


Step 2: Once washed, dried red artichokes, you process the red pickled artichokes. First of all, as you sprinkle a layer of rock sugar into the bottom of the bottle and then sprayed a layer of red artichokes. Just turn a red artichokes layer, then a layer of brown sugar until almost full bottle, I pour honey and cover insertion to flowers do not emerge on. Why do we have to insert non emerge for artichokes is to avoid foaming or mold.


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