Reducing the stress of old people

1. Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress

Walking regularly, gently, dance or meditation exercises can have positive effects, helping to restrain the hike, the patient’s sleep problems. Relatives can bring the patient to walk in the commercial center, shopping on rainy day, bad weather so as not to affect the exercise plan.

2. Activity is simply a way to help patients reconnect with their former life

Some chores, such as sweeping daily, pick vegetables, washing vegetables … help create joy for patients. The connection with people in daily activities generate very good performance. Family members can wash clothes together, or watering, pruning deep leaf chlorosis in the garden … also help manage stress for people with Alzheimer’s.


3. Remembering the past

Remembering the past can help Alzheimer’s patients relax. Even if your loved one can not remember what happened a few minutes ago, but you can still clearly recall everything from decades ago. Try putting general questions about the past to elicit the patient.

4. Use mellow music

Use soft music, the songs that Alzheimer’s patients used to love, or playing musical instruments they had made passionate Ahzheimer patients significantly reduces stress. Music therapy can also be used at mealtimes and bath time, making the process easier for both carer.


5. Keeping interact with people

Exposure to a group of strangers can increase stress levels for patients with Alzheimer’s, but to communicate a – one of the normal situations, to speak, to help increase physical activity of the patient and society .

6. A pet is a non-verbal way of communicating perfectly

A dog, or a cat in the house can help Alzheimer’s patients reduce aggressive behavior. The interaction and play with pets also the spirit of the patient is relaxed and excited.


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