Lose weight simply with fruits


Although not directly burn fat, watermelon is still recommended in weight loss. The studies showed that 92% of watermelon is water. It is rich in fiber, contains less calories in a large amount so watermelon can increase satiety, reduce appetite.

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In addition, watermelon also promotes metabolism so it’s able to accelerate the energy consumption and limit the accumulation of fat. Not only that, the acid found in watermelon also works to detoxify, get rid of excess fat.


One of the reasons why eating banana can help help you lose weight is it facilitates digestion and strengthen the process of metabolism. On the other hand, banana is rich in fiber, which causes satiety and contributes to burn fat, preventing the absorption of carbohydrates into the body.

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In Japan, the banana diet method was published by a pharmacist. The book is entitled “Morning banana diet.” Also, the pharmacist even has a personal website about this method named morningbanana.com.

And in Korea, singer Seo In Young has successfully lost weight by banana. Accordingly, breakfast, she ate a banana and drink; lunch, she ate nutritious, low-fat foods; snack, she ate one banana again and ate dinner as usual. Just like that, after 4 weeks, the singer has dropped 13 lbs.


Research results at Scripps Hospital (USA), leaded by Dr. Ken Fujioka shows: if you eat half a pomelo or drink pomelo juice before meal, after 12 weeks, you’ll reduce 4 – 11 lbs.


Explaining this, the researchers said pomelo is high in vitamin C and carbohydrates, having effect of reducing the amount of insulin in blood so that you would no longer have appetite. Additionally, it also has a special enzyme that helps burn fat so you can lose weight safely and effectively.

However, during the time you lose weight with pomelo, you should drink water regularly to not harm your stomach and should not drink coffee, because insulin will prevent process of burning excess fat in the body.


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