Health benefits of Cheese

Support weight loss

According to nutrition experts, the cheese is an excellent food source is capable of supporting the process of losing weight. In the composition of cheese contains a large amount of protein, fat, calcium, vitamins and minerals.


Beauty Skin

In the cheese “gathering” of the vitamin B group, helps increase skin elasticity, reduce aging, healthy and smooth.

Very beneficial for young children

With many young children, the cheese is the favorite dish by taste greasy and its delicious.

Help strengthen bones

Which became known as foods rich in calcium so cheese is suitable for process development as well as the structure of bones. So the object, such as young children, pregnant women, women during menopause, middle-aged people … should be added to artisanal cheese abundant calcium in it.


Beauty Oral

In the composition of cheese contains a large amount of calcium, which is essential micronutrient for the development of teeth.
So often complement the cheese into the diet is a simple way to help you become the “owner” of a healthy teeth and gums.
In addition, numerous studies have shown that the intake of cheese will help reduce the risk of formation of plaque which is considered the “culprit” causing cavities or tooth condition dull.

Cancer Prevention

There have been a lot of research with the least common ingredients as found in cheese containing linolieic acid (CLA) has the ability to protect yourself against cancer, especially colon cancer.


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