Gold benefits from lotus seed

Strengthening mechanisms excrete melamine hair effect

According to research published in the Journal of Molecular Medicine of the American experiment, the oil extracted from the right, delicate and Lotus work well in melamine excrete, especially compounds called plamitic acid methyl ester, information through a mechanism known as melanogenesis, this is the compound makes human hair not silver, broken or premature aging due to lack of melamine.


Effective to treat some diseases

With the advantages of flavor, color and nutrients to the human lotus seeds are fairly common use for food and medicine. Lotus seeds nourishing effects of sedation, especially used to treat persistent diarrhea and malnutrition, anemia treatment …

Headache treatment

Many studies show that, in the lotus seeds contain many protid, glucide … and many B vitamins, vitamin PP and vitamin C (found in fresh lotus). Therefore, lotus seeds are used extensively in the medical prescription headache, insomnia (especially migraine).


Against aging

Lotus seeds and lotus seeds and roots contain a special enzyme effect “healing and restoration” of protein in the human body hurt and eventually make your skin youthful.
Because of this advantage by pharmaceutical firms, cosmetics today are looking for, extract enzyme for inclusion in the product of their anti-aging.
Besides, lotus seeds are rich in content kaempferol, a natural flavonoid very useful, effective prevention of infection, particularly anti-inflammatory effects of gum tissue, especially in the elderly group.


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