Foods cause headache


Is a monoamine compound tyramine were found in these foods were fermented as kimchi, pickles, bacon …. High degree of tyramines can also be found in spoiled food.
In the cheese also contains tyramine extremely abundant. Most importantly, tyramine is the culprit of headaches. If you like to eat burgers, be very careful to enclose cheese cake dish.


MSG (glutamate)

50 years ago, nutritionists have found that negative symptoms caused by MSG. MSG can cause brain damage, long-term use of MSG may reduce the rate of hemoglobin, leukopenia (ie weakness of the body resistance). The experiments on mice, cows and monkeys fed MSG MSG showed high doses destroys the nerve cells of these organisms.
Aware of the adverse health spices, the housewives make limited use of seasoning to avoid headaches occur with members of the offline.



The alcohol in beer has a high ability to absorb water – that’s why when you drink you frequent urination. Every time you go to the toilet while drinking alcohol, dehydration of the body will increase. Dehydration causes blood flow to decrease brain making you feel thirsty, tachycardia, headache, dizziness


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