Dangerous snacks for children


Hot dog

Made from fatty meats, hot dog energetic but less nutrition, no health benefits people in general and the development of young children in particular. In hot dog with chemicals, additives, preservatives, forcing the liver to work harder to detoxify the body.



Ice-cream made from the milk should also have a certain nutritional value. However, some creams contain nuts, artificial colors or flavor … not safe for children. The Ice-cream is purchased from the store, you can disinfect reassuring, but sold in vending vehicles most likely cause of infection baby diarrhea, even when food poisoning.

Just eat ice cream when the baby turns 4 years old. If babies under 1 year old, you absolutely do not eat, because their immune system is weak, a piece of ice cream can also cause sore throat baby. Also, the cream may melt and stick to the long tongue inside the mouth will make children very uncomfortable, to return.

Eating ice cream is not good for children’s teeth. Sucking habits of the majority of children eating ice cream can damage tooth enamel erosion, can even cause small fractures in the teeth.


Fresh medium just like a colorful toy should be particularly attractive lollipop kids. But let’s look at the components making up the candy, you’ll see it’s just sweeteners, colorings, flavorings and without vitamins, no minerals, no calcium, no iron … almost no nutritional value .


As well as other kinds of candy, lollipops capital in sugar, very harmful to the teeth, baby teeth are susceptible to decay if not rinse or brush clean. If you eat sweets before meals, child labor will be horizontal, no appetite so hard to complete meals


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