benefits of mango

1. Strengthen the immune system

Mango has a high content of beta-carotene is converted to vitamin excellent antioxidants. Mango fruit has a lot of vitamin C also important to strengthen the immune system.

2. Prevent Cancer


Concentration of high antioxidant vitamins, eating mangoes reduces the risk of cancer. A study has shown that as astragalin compounds, quercetin, gallic acid, isoquercitrin, methylgallat and fisetin, protects the body against breast cancer, colorectal cancer (colon), leukemia and prostate .

3. Improving brain function

Mangoes contain vitamin B6 necessary for the nervous system and brain activity. Moreover, in the mango with the amino acid glutamine is an important help enhance concentration and improve memory.

4. Protect Liver

The antioxidants in mango helps to remove toxins in the liver. So combine the mango in your diet is an effective way to maintain healthy liver.

5. Reduce Cholesterol

Mango contains pectin fiber and help lower serum cholesterol levels. Mango also contains high levels of potassium can help lower high blood pressure.

6. Eat a mango to lose weight

If you want to lose weight, then add the mango in the daily diet. Many studies indicate that extracts found in mango peel can inhibit the development of fat cells in the human body and can help you lose weight. Eat raw mango peel to take advantage of unexpected benefits of this fruit.


7. Improve the digestive system

This delicious fruit contains more fiber and potassium helps our digestive system work better. According to the study, a 20% Mangoes provide the necessary amount of fiber in a day.

Lack of potassium can cause an imbalance in the body fluids and constipation. One mango provides about 560 mg of potassium equivalent to 16% of potassium per day.

10. Prevent aging

Mango is a natural food that contains a lot of vitamins A, C helps produce collagen naturally. Collagen is a protein that build a connection between the tissue and supports the vascular system in the body.

11. Good for anemia

Mango contains iron, good for people with anemia. Iron is present in mango helps produce extra blood flow needed for the body.


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