Benefits of apple with body shape

Benefits of apple with body shape

1. Reduce blood fat (cholesterol)

One apple contains about 4g medium fiber. Part of it in the form of pectin fiber – soluble fiber types have the effect of reducing the amount of “bad” cholesterol – LDL remarkable. Pectin prevents the absorption of cholesterol helps the body use instead of storing them.


2. Help no longer

Large amount of fiber found in apples make you full longer without being consumed more calories (a normal apple contains only about 95 calories). Apple fiber complex that the body takes longer to digest than other substances such as sugar or starch. Nutrition Center and the American National Health recommended that foods containing at least 3g of fiber foods are good for your health and each person should eat about 25-40g of fiber a day.

3. Help you slimmer

A recent study conducted on mice showed that an acid in apple skin as ursolic acid reduces the risk of obesity. In a report posted on HuffPost UK, the scientists explained, ursolic acid promotes the body to burn calories, increase muscle and reduce the formation of fat in the body long time.


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