All benefits of beans with five organs

red beans  and heart


Red beans contain plenty of fiber to the meal, have a laxative effect through convenience, lower blood pressure, reduce blood fat and regulate blood sugar, detoxification cancer control, prevention of the gravel, beauty slimming. Red beans also very good diuretic effect, can solve alcohol, detoxification, have certain effects on heart disease, kidney disease and edema.

Green beans and liver


Green beans sweet, cool, food is often used to clear heat, detoxification, pushing hot. Regularly eat green beans can help excrete toxins in the body, promote the body metabolism is normal. Green beans helps reduce cholesterol, protect the liver and can be allergy. If the green bean soup add a little honey drink with the elimination of toxic effects better.

Yellow beans and spleen

Yellow beans contain saponin rich content, can stimulate digestive bile excretion of fat, has the effect of promoting gastrointestinal absorption. The color of yellow bean corresponding to the spleen, the spleen may be healthy, damaged gas utility tonic, often eat also help slow aging, suitable for use with people with looks, complexion sallow, sickly body.

White bean and lung

White beans with saponin, urease, catalyst and element composition urinary protit demand, with advanced functions for the body resistance, activated T cells lim-phase online services and works very well in the prevention of respiratory diseases.

Black beans an kidney

Black beans contains many antioxidant components, especially isoflavones, anthocyanidins antioxidant drug is very good, can promote renal excretion promoting toxin, which uses markedly in kidney , Additional negative blood work, strong bones and tendons healthy eyesight sedative.


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