7 best ways to prevent cancer

According to Magforwomen, there are many things you can do to reduce the risk of cancer, such as:

Eat healthy

cancer 1

By healthy eating, you can reduce your risk of cancer by 40%. Eat dishes rich in vegetables. You need fruits for at least 2-3 parts of your diet. Eat more fiber to avoid stomach cancer.

Drink plenty of water

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Water has the ability to help prevent bladder cancer because it helps flush out carcinogens in the urine, cleaning the bladder. So drink about 2 liters of water per day, or even vegetable juice can also prevent the risk of cancer in advanced levels.

Exercise regularly

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Exercising regularly may reduce the risk of cancer by 20%. You should practice different exercises at least three times a week. Even walking for twenty minutes a day can reduce the risk of cancer.

Drink coffee

cancer 4

Drinking coffee correctly can reduce risk of cancer by 40%. A recent survey showed that caffeine has anticancer factors. The survey also demonstrated that 4-5 cups of coffee is very good to prevent cancer risk.

Turn off cell phones

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There is no evidence to say cell phone waves cause brain cancer. However, research has demonstrated a link between brain cancer and cell phone radiation. Turn off your cell phone while in the bedroom or at unnecessary moments.

Add more vitamin D and calcium

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To maintain the body’s skeletal frame, prevent bone cancer and other diseases related to bone, you need to eat more foods rich in vitamin D and calcium.

Do not ignore the pain

cancer 7

Do not ignore the pain in your body because it can lead to other problems. If you feel pain in your pelvis, breast or head, you should go see a doctor.


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