10 tips for better sleep

According to Dr. Alexandra Dalu – anti-aging, beauty and nutrition expert, to have suitable method for better sleep, you must determine factors affecting sleep. And do not forget that it is true for this person but maybe not for another.

Here are something you should pay attention in the evening to have a good sleep:

Do not drink coffee or tea in the evening

Coffee or tea is recommended to use in the morning because of antioxidant and nerve stimulation abilities. A research from the University of Detroit shows these drinks reduces a few minutes of sleep, but sometimes we do not realize.

Do not drink alcohol before bedtime

Drinking alcohol regularly will affect the quality and quantity of hormone melatonin (a hormone needed to sleep). Moreover, alcohol is toxic to nerves, and has adverse effects on psychological stability.

Do not use your phone or tablet in bed

Green LED of tablet and phone blocking the synthesis of melatonin. It stimulates brain and slow down the sleep. However television with white LED do not cause problems.

better sleep 3

Do not exercise before bedtime

Exercise increases your body temperature, otherwise the body needs a lower temperature to go to sleep. Also, exercise increases the secretion of adrenaline, and this substance stimulates alertness.

No hot bath before bed

Like exercise, hot bath will increase body temperature.

Have moderate dinner

Eating too much for dinner will increase your body temperature. The body has a lots calories and a part of them will be spent on digestion. Eating too much can cause drowsiness but will not put you to sleep.

Do not work in bed

As you can see above, the green LED will cause alertness when working with laptop. Moreover, brain stimulation makes sleep come more slowly.

better sleep 1

Do not take a nap for over 30 minutes at noon

If you have a nap longer than 30 minutes, it’s like you sleep for 4 hours at night. So your sleep at night will be affected because you are not sleepy.

Go to bed at a certain hour

The studies show that sleep at a certain hour is a basic principle to have a good sleep at night. It allows you to adjust the hormone of sleep better and you will easily go to sleep.

Do not lie in bed thinking

Keeping toss and turn when not sleeping is not recommended. Bed is a place to relax, rest and it is important not to think too much.


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