The benefits of Jicama

Morning sickness

Because components of jicama with more than 90% water, 4.51% glucose, 2.4% starch should be very beneficial for morning sickness during pregnancy. Sisters feel morning sickness often pale mouth and loss of appetite. But you peace of mind, jicama is sure to make you feel comfortable because of its naturally sweet crispy.



Jicama are common foods, inexpensive but are considered safer because no preservatives.

Good for digestion

Jicama is sweet, cool, uses the heat, the new birth, only thirst, detoxification alcohol detoxification least, the style treat blood (bloody diarrhea), laxative effect due to fiber so good for digestion, stomach contractions makes good, good for defecation. Prevent constipation for pregnant women.

Weight loss

You should know, the jicama with 92g water 100g, 1g protit, 6g glucit, 0.7 g cellulose, ash 0.3g, 2.4 g starch, provide 29kcalo but without the fat. This is an extremely ideal food for women who want to lose weight.



Jicama with cooling effect, refreshing because of component jicama with 80-90% water, 4.51% glucose, 2.4% starch. Also jicama contains many nutrients, vitamins and other minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C … necessary for the body.

Beauty Skin

Fresh jicama is also inexpensive beauty treatments that are effective for women. Winter prone skin dehydrated, parched, you can use fresh sliced ​​jicama, or water pressure up to make masks for face helps the skin more smooth, dry out and crack, down wrinkles, skin stretch white ball and suck the poison in the pores.


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