Taro healthy effects


Carbohydrates, a major constituent of the taro. Effective carbohydrates provide energy and nourish nerve cells, anti-asthenia. Especially for thin people, new illness or signs up or asthenia, use nail soup cooked taro or taro rolls cooked lean meat will help your body recover quickly.

Helping soft target

Summer or time of season we always feel thirsty, the body needs a larger than normal amount of water. You can use cooked taro pepper crab and spinach help thirst, improve health before nasty weather.

Nice shot

Protit component glue and some active substances contained in taro capable of making muscle cell activity, speed up metabolism. Thus, it can make the skin smooth and reduces dryness.

Relieve aching muscles, swelling

Taro, fresh ginger – two things equal doses, all washed clean, peel, pound, up into the site of disease, medication 2 times a day instead.


Laxative, anti-constipation

Taro is rich in fiber and starch particles affects the digestive system. Therefore, those who regularly frequent constipation should eat taro to laxative.


Taro tubers Crucian carp or fish cooked with fruit eating tuberculosis treatment, emaciated.

Cure diarrhea
Taro leaves 30g, 30g carrots, garlic few branches, chopped, excellent drink daily.


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