Potassium foods for Hybotension

Sweet potatoes: a list of foods that are high in potassium. A package can contain 694mg yam potassium, fiber, beta carotene and a starch can provide enough energy for the body during the day.


Potatoes: a healthy food, it is a source of potassium availability, reduces blood pressure, while a low sodium content, which helps reduce swelling.

Tomatoes: Fresh fruits are good for health. Tomato paste or tomato puree are great sources of potassium. A quarter cup of tomato paste provides important minerals 664mg, while a half cup of crushed tomatoes contains only 549mg.


Beets: when cooked, tastes slightly bitter, but deserve to be on the table because it’s location contribute to 664mg of potassium in half a cup of vegetables. Beets are antioxidants, a great source of folate whether raw or cooked.

Legumes: all very good for the cardiovascular system to use them in your daily diet for just a half cup of cowpea provide approximately 600 mg potassium, beans, peas also have similar effects.

Yogurt: a glass of nonfat yogurt contains 579mg of potassium, while fat yogurt will have a little less than this amount. Yogurt products contain probiotics, beneficial bacteria that can aid digestion and keep a healthy bowel.

Clams: every 100g contains about 534mg of potassium clam and have the highest levels of vitamin B12 in any particular food.


Prunes: rich in potassium and calcium has very good for health when used regularly. Thus eat many prunes make strong bones, prevent osteoporosis, but the amount of calcium in the diet also helps reduce blood pressure.


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