Rich in vitamins A, C and nutrients such as folic acid, calcium and fiber. Broccoli also rich in antioxidant that can protect you from the risk of the disease returning sun.


Eating an oyster can meet the needs of adults of zinc per day. Zinc related to the development and operation of the white blood cells fight infection.



Eating apples helps provide fiber and antioxidant substances, keep you healthy and prevent easy cold fever usually occurs during the winter.

Green tea

Help serve toxins from the body and strengthen the immune system. Green tea is also a rich source of antioxidants.


Many studies show that vitamin C in kiwi sources provide enough vitamin C needs the entire day in adults. Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system.

Coconut oil

Source lauric acid in coconut oil help fight viral and bacterial infections.

Red meat

Need more lean on the daily diet to increase the amount of zinc in the body. Adults need 8-12 mg of zinc per day, half of which are included in a piece of beef or chicken to palm size.


Helps support the immune system. Some fungi such as Ganoderma, shiitake have medicinal properties. These fungi also contain beta-glucans compounds are proven effective to activate the immune system.


Blue blueberries Vietnamese fruit, raspberries have high levels of high antioxidant effect against free radicals and prevent disease. The berries also contain essential vitamins, minerals and fiber to help purify the body and improve immunity.


Sources of vitamin A and antioxidant beta carotene in carrots helps boost the immune system while supporting liver toxin from the body. Eating carrots against infections.


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