Foods to try from Baba Nyonya, Malaysia

The people of Baba Nyonya (or also known as Peranakan) are descendants of ancient Chinese immigrants and local Malay women. Coming to Malaysia, you should check out these delicious specialties form Baba Nyonya.

Laksa Nyonya

Delicious curry soup cooked with coconut milk is one of the most standout foods of Baba Nyonya cuisine. Each region in Malaysia all has their own variation of Laksa Nyonya, because of the changes in cooking ingredients.

Traditionally, the dish is cooked with a fish and shrimp sauce, combined with chicken, rice noodles or vermicelli. Nyonya Laksa is ladled into a bowl, presented with a few slices of cucumber, omelette, fish balls, sambal chili sauce.

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Ayam Pongteh

As another delicious dish of Peranakan, Ayam Pongteh is cooked with chicken, potatoes and rich gravy, served with rice. Before cooking, all the ingredients are soaked overnight to flavor the dish.

Other components such as chives, garlic are crushed into a mixture with soy sauce, jaggery for coloring. After the chicken is put into the stewing pot, the chef in turn puts potatoes, mushroom and finally sauce, then cook until it’s tender.

Baba Nyonya 2

Udang Masak Lemak Nenas

This dish has the combination of fruit, sour, spicy, greasy taste of pineapple and shrimp (two main ingredients). Udang Masak Lemak Nenas actually is pineapple shrimp curry, often appearing in the New Year reunion meal.

The sweetness and aroma of pineapple will be mixed with some other spices like tamarind, lemongrass. Spicy chili mixture is cooked a little in the pan and transferred to cooker with water, pineapple, then added coconut milk, shrimp. Finally, you will have a delicate but thick flavor meal.

Baba Nyonya 3

Ayam Bbuah Keluak

Ayam Buah Keluak is cooked from the seeds of kepayang, a common tree in the marshs of Malaysia and Indonesia. This kind of tree contains toxic, if processing not carefully, the food can be deadly. Kepayang seeds are soaked in cold water at least two days and then bring the mixture mashed, mixed with salt and sugar.

Kepayang seeds and chicken are boiled for several hours and then added milled tamarind and spicy powder. Just put it in your mouth, you will feel like the dish is melting on your tongue with spreading pungent.

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