Eating in summer

1. Beef
Eating hamburgers summer seems to be an attractive prospect, but in fact it can cause your body temperature soared. The reason is that these foods contain more protein and fat can raise your body temperature during the digestive process. They move slowly in the digestive system, causing the body to use more energy. However, as usual, you can hardly feel the heat rising, but most clearly felt when eating hot spicy food in hot weather. Illustration.

2. Pomegranate


This is the natural growth left in the cool temperatures, so during the summer hardly natural pomegranate, and higher prices at the season well. General suggestions that you should limit eating vegetables, and fruits in season, as they likely are sprayed multiple drugs to stimulate growth.

3. Tea, coffee
This is a diuretic beverages, so they probably are not good drinks for the day you have to work a lot, frequent travel and hot air. Drinking water not only makes your diuretic defecation but also lose more water and salt in the body. You should drink natural fruit juice instead.
4. Oats
Starch complex forms such as oats, brown brown rice, whole grain wheat flour is similar to protein-rich foods. They are more difficult to digest and cause a slight rise in body temperature.
5. Shellfish
Some people say you should not eat shellfish in the period from May to July 8. This is the period of reproduction of this species, and during this time they did not taste of delicious, often soft paste, butter.


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