do not eat this in the evening

Because it is rich in hydroxy citric acid synthesis inhibitors ppid, appetite suppression and weight loss, to eat at night will cause your digestive system empty and requires food makes flicker sleep. Moreover, the quality of its xanthones can take effect and cause poisoning. If you like, you should eat 3-4 fruits at bedtime and eat at day.

Rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, vitamin C, carotene and anthocyanin, it also contains many trace elements calcium, phosphorus, iron and soluble fiber, can prevent constipation. However, for patients with diabetes eat fruits evening will lead to glucose is absorbed too much.

Contains antioxidants in nuts and shell, to prevent heart disease and stroke. However, it is also the fruit with high sugar, 10 calories in grapes with 2 bowls of rice. So you eat before bed will easily cause the body to work high intensity causes sleeplessness.


Pineapple and mango.
Fruits are popular with ultra-high glycemic index, diabetes patients must limit this kind of food. Moreover, two of them this fruit is also easy to allergies, to reduce the risk of allergies, brine before eating. Or better yet, eat in the morning will give your body the most nutritious.


Rich in protein, fat and glycemic index of about 42. The high glycemic index so easy to cause atherosclerosis very dangerous. For those who have high blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders, stomach ulcers have to be careful when eating this fruit. It is better to substitute other fruits, to keep the calories in check, prevention of pre-existing diseases.

Sugar, protein, vitamins and calcium, iron, phosphorus, kap and other factors. The fruit topped with iron content in the list of fruits. It is possible to provide the iron and brain development, but to use before eating will cause uncomfortable bloating.

Vegetable fat and low sugar fruits. This result is also good for the stomach and intestines, cholesterol and low blood ppid. So it’s good for the elderly and children. However, high-fat if you eat at night before bed will cause problems with obesity because this time the body works very little.


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