Benefits of passion fruit

Passion fruit, also known as lemon, violet color casing, gold bowel, cool taste, very good for health. Passion fruit is rich in vitamin C – antioxidant and anti-inflammatory., Reduces the symptoms of asthma. Lemon (under passifloraceae – Passifloraceae), the English name is “passion fruit” (meaning: passionate performance), but not called lemon farmers with citrus plants (Rutaceae). Passion fruit grows in the tropics, are preferred not only for passionate fragrance charm but also because of the health benefits of it.


Because passion fruit seeds are a source of dietary fiber and it is not necessary to remove particles when drinking. It helps to cure constipation and laxative. Passion does not cause any side effects.

Passion fruit is also high in fiber so it is easy to cause stomach. Moreover, fiber is very good for health, can prevent coronary heart disease. In addition, the lemon also helps keep cholesterol in handy.

Passion fruit rich in carbohydrates, contain iron and potassium, providing energy for the body. In addition, the lemon contains narcotic and very good for relaxation, reducing the growth of cancer cells, passion fruit pulp can also be used as a spice when mixed with baking or cocktails.

It has been proven in full passion fruit source of vitamins A and C, iron, potassium and other nutritional components as well as biologically active and beneficial to health. Passion fruit seeds are a great source of fiber, the main grain of rice surrounded mucus makes lemon scented special.

Lemon juice can help prevent the growth of cancer cells by substances phytochemical compounds found in fruit rice. Phenolic acids and flavonoids have in preventing cardiovascular disease and fight infection. The water-soluble substances and are soluble antioxidant effect cells, enhance immunity, anti-aging


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