Superheroes Who will kill to die in Avengers: Infinity War ?

In short, most of the Avengers and additional heroes will meet their ends. However, they will be resurrected by the Time Stone.

As far as who will stay dead after the Stone(s) are lost and/or destroyed…

Nope, not him.


My money is on Captain America and Iron Man.

Captain America is inevitable. He has to die. He was killed in the comic version of Civil War. After his death, Bucky will take the helm of Captain America – this is especially evident considering Steve Rogers will drop the title in  Avengers: Infinity War for Nomad (research him!) If anyone were to die in this movie, he’d be the one I’d full heartedly bet on.

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I’ll definitely miss the original character. But it has to happen in order for the rest of the team to unite agasint Thanos and defeat him.

Their leader may be gone but his spirit will live on.

Iron Man is also another plausible possibility, however I’m a little skeptical. I can’t imagine the MCU without him. He’s the Avengers: Infinity War leader alongside Steve Rogers. He’s Tony frickin Stark.


I can’t imagine both of them dying, but it could happen.

And that would be so so sad:(

Edit: A friend just brought to my attention more evidence that will back this theory up. Think back to Tony’s vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron when Scarlet Witch was messing with his mind. Remember this?


I think it’s more than a vision. It’s a gaze into the future.

We’ll see!

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