Justin Bieber Is In Trouble! He sued by man he fought in 2016

According to a report from TMZ, Justin Bieber might have to send a lawyer in his defense to a court-of-law. The publication reports that, after he got into a fight with a man outside of the NBA Finals in 2016, the man is now pressing charges.


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Tobias Cannon just filed a lawsuit in an LA court against the “Baby” singer and claims the injuries he suffered were due to the brawl. As you may or may not know, Justin got into a fight with Tobias outside of a basketball game two years ago.

The publication reported that Tobias is actually significantly larger than Justin, and it was clear that Bieber wasn’t a threat to him. An insider close to the scene told TMZ, “Justin didn’t really stand a chance against him. He was just so much bigger.”

In the video obtained by TMZ, it shows Tobias throwing a punch to the singer’s head.

After the two men exchanged blows, Justin’s crew got involved and the situation got a lot worse. Tobias filed a police report afterward and claims he had to go to the hospital to receive treatment for a concussion.

According to an insider who spoke with us, “it’s clear that he’s just looking to cash in on Justin’s fame. He doesn’t realize that Justin has a team of lawyers who are constantly dealing with this sort of thing.”


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This case sounds a lot like Dr. Phil’s recent incident, where the reality star accidentally ran into a man on his skateboard with his car. Later, he came out and said that he suffered injuries.

However, a videotape of the accident was discovered, and the skateboarder got up and looked fine. He shook hands with Dr. Phil and then went home and wrote a social media post. Unfortunately, for him, most social media commenters roasted him for exaggerating just how bad it really was.

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