British princess and forever beauty over time

Exercise regime

Passionate about outdoor activities: Anyone questioning Kate exercise regime, she stressed that she had only practiced outdoors and relax rather than to the gym. Favorite sport is jogging her and boating.


Intense workouts in the gym: In addition to participating in outdoor activities, she participated in the training session in the gym. Duchess of Cambridge did not hesitate before any exercise difficulty. Kate used a lot of weight in the cardio exercises, she even lifting weights. She also combined with squats and push all. Because high intensity workouts that she keep the look toned, sexy.

Swimming and skiing: These are holiday pastimes of Kate. Healthy sports are often “royal bride” selection when vacation to the mountains or to the Egyptian snow. Skiing can consume 1,400 calories per hour, while swimming increases stamina and rhythm of the body.


Yoga and boxing stress: Regularly participate in a conference, meet new people, work pressure has affected the majority of Kate’s health, especially mental health. Therefore, Kate has chosen yoga to soothe body and soul. The asanas in yoga helps release lactic acid and oxygen delivery throughout the body. It reduces stress and helps regain spirit, confident demeanor Princess UK. In addition, she also participated in the training center and was once boxing boxing with Duke McKenzie – a three-time world champion boxer.


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