removing the oily acne

Use cold water or ice

The easiest solution to get rid of oily skin is to use cold water or ice. After cleansing, you take a small stone to smash it on a clean towel, then moved gently on the skin surface 1 to 2 minutes. Ice will cause the epidermis of the skin contracts, causing the pore astringent, helps control oily.


 Use sea salt spray solution

Sea salt mixed with pure water in a small spray bottle, shake well until the salt dissolves into a dilute solution. After each washing the face, spray the sea salt solution, dried my face gently with cotton makeup remover.

Natural mask for oily skin


To save and secure, you can yourself make those kinds of natural mask for oily skin. The following are additional helps mask the essential nutrients and vitamins to the skin, just clean oily and acne reduction efficiency:

– Egg whites and lemon: mix the egg white mixture and lemon juice and apply on face for 20 minutes then rinse. Egg whites contain more protein helps skin elasticity, tension filled life. Lemon skin clean and smooth. This mask helps the skin to be ventilated and clean greasy.

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