How to care the beauty skin as ageless

1. Wash your face

Due to environmental pollution and the weather makes the pores on the skin stuck and dirt accumulation. The first thing to do to rejuvenate the skin is to cleanse the skin before applying any type of masks.

You need to wash your face and neck with suitable cleanser. Massage according clockwise to achieve the best performance.

2. Use fresh milk


Milk ingredients are well known throughout the history of beauty by the whitening. You can use fresh milk or formula instead of cleanser to clean skin and enjoy the wonderful benefits that it brings. Milk contains important nutrients to help skin care and anti-aging very well.

3. reasonable diet


What you apply on your skin is proven less important than food taken into the body. Your skin will reflect what is in your diet. Diet plays an important role in balancing hormones.

Antioxidants and minerals give skin rich in food. Experts say that you should cut down on foods with too much grease.

 4. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is an important step in the beauty of the sisters. Skin rejuvenation much if taken away dead cells. Sisters should perform gentle exfoliation, can do at home with oatmeal.

5. Get enough sleep


Nothing useful for skin with sleep. Take full 8 hours of sleep to good health and good mental health to the skin. Sleep is the time when your skin to breathe.

Do not use any moisturizer that impact the skin during sleep, should choose what kind of soothing to the skin moisturizer is “resting”.


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