beauty skin with fresh milk

1.Fresh milk mask.

After you wash your face thoroughly and blot dry, you take the cotton wool or cotton is best to use waterproof makeup remover dedicated fresh milk and apply on face.


You do so about 3 times in a row until the milk has been absorbed. Massage gently in circular motions around the face, through massage substances in milk penetrates into the skin. Soft skin smooth, healthy breakfast. 15-20 minutes after you wash it with water.

2. Potatoes milk mask

1 Prepare the potatoes were boiled and peeled, add 2 tablespoons of unsweetened milk, potatoes finely you to match again, viscous, professional brush or hand the mixture gently on your face. Located 20 minutes relaxing. Rinse with clean water. This mixture contains a lot of nutrients from potatoes and milk, your skin will lighten up considerably. by skincare routine will improve your skin’s brightness


3. Cure melasma and bruise

If your skin has been intensive areas, pigmentation and you’re looking to treat them, then take 2 almonds, finely ground and mixed with milk, apply to the dark before you go to sleep.

4. Night skin care

To own a fine white skin, not dark pigmentation, no wrinkles are not as difficult as you think. Simply by taking a few minutes before going to bed to take care of skin under the simple steps you will become the owner of a flawless complexion.

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